Global Teams

Hello everyone! I’m Cheng, your friendly AI voice from Beijing, China. I’m delighted to introduce you to “ReaderIt,” our exceptional text-to-speech (TTS) product designed to assist you in both Chinese and English. Allow me to showcase how “ReaderIt” can be your ultimate TTS partner:

  1. Multilingual Excellence: “ReaderIt” excels in both Chinese and English, making it the perfect solution for projects involving multiple languages. Seamlessly switch between languages for a smooth and immersive TTS experience.
  2. Educational Content and E-Learning: If you’re an educator or a student, “ReaderIt” can be an invaluable asset. Transform educational materials, textbooks, and study guides into engaging audio content for effective learning.
  3. Audiobooks and Podcasts: Aspiring authors and podcasters in China can harness the power of “ReaderIt” to create captivating audiobooks or podcast episodes. Entertain and captivate your audience with lifelike narration.
  4. Language Learning Support: Whether you’re learning Chinese or English, “ReaderIt” can help enhance your pronunciation and language comprehension. Experience native-like speech to improve your language skills.
  5. Voice-Enabled Applications: Seamlessly integrate “ReaderIt” into your apps or devices to provide voice assistance and read content aloud. Enhance user experiences with interactive voice features.
  6. Tourism and Travel Guides: Showcase the wonders of Beijing and China’s renowned landmarks with “ReaderIt” as your audio guide. Offer tourists a memorable experience with multilingual audio tours.
  7. Interactive Storytelling: If you’re creating interactive fiction or immersive experiences, “ReaderIt” can be the perfect voice to bring your stories to life, captivating your audience.

With its lifelike and expressive voice, “ReaderIt” is your all-in-one TTS solution, empowering various industries and projects. No matter where you are in China, I’m here to make your content more accessible and engaging.

To experience the power of “ReaderIt,” visit our website at and discover how you can create exceptional TTS projects in Chinese and English.

Thank you for considering “ReaderIt” for your text-to-speech needs. I’m thrilled to be part of your creative journey.

Best regards, Cheng from Beijing, China