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PHPWord to localstorage- wp-contentpluginsvikbookingsiteviewsoconfirmtmpldefault.php

2.get localstorage- wp-contentpluginsrestopressassetsjsfrontendrp-ajax.js

Admin User -


Username - user321


Password - Udum456@#34


Email -



Things to do in Dorwaila hotel booking

We need to add payment history in the page



As seen in the image below:



Payment Mode

Amount Paid

Amount Refund

Remaining Bal

The payment history is present in the database. The database fields are in the Table: jqxlly_vikbooking_orderhistory and in field “Type” and value as “RU” (user refund ) “PU” (user paid)

We need to fetch the details from the database in order to display it in the page as shown above in the example.

Things to do in Restaurant (food order)

2 people can order.


First one is the Hotel staff and second is the customer from the room.


Two options as drop down in the checkout page for Guest and Room stay guest.


Hide the “billing-details” option in the checkout page.


Add options “add to hotel bill” and remove “billing details”








Add “Order Food” button in the “my booking detail” page of the customer as shown below. It will redirect to “food menu” page.